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My payment or deposit has been refused

If your payment or deposit doesn't go through, there might be a few reasons:
• You might have hit the transaction limit on your bank card.
• Your bank might have online purchase restrictions, and perceives Virtuo transactions as potentially "unusual".

We suggest reaching out to your bank to clarify the reason behind the payment hiccup or to adjust your transaction limit, if needed.

On your end, consider using a credit card directly rather than Apple Pay, or try making the payment via the Virtuo website instead of the app.

To give the deposit another shot: head to your upcoming reservation (under the Reservations tab) and select "retry my deposit" at the bottom.
Remember, you can switch your payment method, but ensure it remains consistent for both the rental and the deposit.

It's worth noting that our customer service might not be able to assist directly with this issue, as they don't have the tools to address payment problems of this nature.

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