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The desire to move and explore is sewn into the Human DNA. We will always need to move and the car facilitates this desire perfectly. But our current use of cars is not sustainable, we need to find an alternative model that allows the same freedom without the negatives for our environment and society. That's where Virtuo comes in, here's how.

virtuo means usership and not ownership.

Renting, rather than buying, has two benefits. On a personal level, you can save money. On a societal level, it means a reduction in the number of cars on our roads. Less cars, less emissions, better air. In Europe, a personal car is only used for 5% of its lifetime*, giving up your car can have a small impact on you but a big impact on our environment.

virtuo makes electric accessible to everyone.

Virtuo is electrifying its fleet and helping to reduce carbon emissions. Electric cars are less polluting after 30,000 km** but are not yet used by everyone due to fear of breaking down and questions about recharging. To support our customers and democratise this solution, we are accelerating our transition to a fleet of electric vehicles: 50% of the fleet will be electric by 2025 and 100% by 2030.

virtuo surrounds itself to achieve its objectives

We rent cars, it's our job. To be able to continue doing so, we must go further in reducing our carbon emissions. We've chosen to surround ourselves with the very best, to help us succeed in our mission. We are proud to be the first mobility company to join the ACT initiative. The ACT is co-created by the French government via ADEME and the American Carbon Disclosure Project, the ACT initiative is a global standard for evaluating carbon transition strategies, included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC ).

Offset your trip’s carbon footprint

In Europe today, 12% of CO2eq emissions are due to cars***.

We want to raise awareness on mobility’s environmental impact. That’s why, at the end of each rental, we display the carbon footprint of your trip. We hope this information empowers you to take action. With Virtuo, you can choose to offset your trip’s footprint or even better, opt for an electric car to reduce your emissions. Having a certified and traceable impact is something that we feel strongly about. So, we have decided to partner with Inuk to create our carbon offset program. Inuk is an independent agency specializing in decarbonization issues. We rely on their expertise to measure the carbon footprint of your journeys, offset their impact by investing in certified carbon credits and finance emission reduction programs in Europe. We chose Inuk because of its rigorous, measurable and immediate approach to the problem

Together, we can make a difference

If you feel like you're too small to change something, then try sleeping with a mosquito... this quote is not from us but from the Dalai Lama.

Together, we can create a more sustainable alternative.


* OECD, International Transport Forum (2015). Urban Mobility System Upgrade: How shared self-driving cars could change city traffic.
** from 30,000 kilometers if we take into account the entire life cycle, otherwise they are immediately compared to thermal cars - source: Carbone 4
*** Jato Dynamics, 2022