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I have been involved in an accident or have a flat tyre

In the unfortunate event of an accident or any damage to the vehicle, it's essential to follow these steps to ensure your safety and adhere to Virtuo's guidelines:

In-app Damage Report: Open the Virtuo app and swipe up from the digital key to access the menu, where you'll find the option to report damage.
Physical Incident Report: In addition to the digital report, it's crucial to fill out the physical incident report located in the vehicle's glovebox. This provides a tangible record of the incident.

Finally, there are different options available depending on your location.

United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal:

Contact Customer Service Directly: If you’re renting in the United Kingdom, Spain, or Portugal, you need to directly contact customer service.
Reporting the Damage: The team will mediate between you and our Assistance. You will be asked to first report the damage or accident on the Virtuo app. Reporting the damage on the app is crucial as it protects you from any additional damages that may occur during the Assistance process.


Chatbot Assistance: In France, our chatbot will offer you a link to start our in-app process. This process allows you to report the damage or accident and directly contact our Assistance provider. Unlike in other countries, customer support does not act as a middleman. The assistance provider will handle the case directly, ensuring a quicker resolution to your issue.

For both your safety and insurance clarity:

Please remain with the vehicle until vehicle emergency assistance arrives.
Prioritize completing the in-app incident report before the arrival of any towing service. This ensures any potential damage by the roadside assistance is documented, safeguarding you from additional charges.
Direct Assistance: In France, contacting our assistance provider directly speeds up the resolution process.
If the incident involved another party, it's mandatory to accurately and completely fill out the physical incident report.

Dashboard Signals: If you see a dashboard signal, the issue’s severity may vary depending on the color:
Red Lights: Indicate a serious problem that needs immediate attention. These signal potential safety issues or critical system failures that should be addressed right away.
Yellow/Amber Lights: Indicate a non-critical issue that should be serviced soon but is not an emergency. These are advisory lights for things like low tire pressure, an electrical fault, or the need for routine maintenance.
Flashing Lights: Flashing lights of any color generally denote a more urgent issue than a solid light of the same color.

By following these procedures, you can ensure that any issues during your rental are handled efficiently and promptly.
Lastly, do be aware that the level of protection you chose during your booking may affect any charges you might face due to the damage to the vehicle.

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