Sporty and compact

This is a car you’ll never get bored of driving

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New BMW 1 Series


Being so dynamic and comfortable, this compact sporty vehicle is lots of fun to drive. Hire a BMW 1 Series with virtuo for a short- or long-term rental with friends or family.

The most dynamic compact car.

A young, cool and urban vehicle.


This model has a remarkable and noteworthy design. With its precise lines and dynamic front featuring the brand’s signature twin grille, this sporty compact certainly stands out from the crowd.

Renowned for its performance

The BMW 1 Series' sharp, compact proportions make it feel agile and great to drive from the word go. With the M Sport trim, you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere.


Powerful acceleration and flawless handling. This new model makes every journey amazingly rewarding with its powerful engine and a chassis that transmits the road’s messages through the dynamic suspension.

Want to hire the BMW 1 Series?

At Virtuo, we guarantee you’ll get the model you select! You can hire the new BMW 1 Series for a day, a weekend, a month or more. Now all this comfortable, high-performance and sporty car needs is you. Hire at the best price on the market without limitations.

Where can you hire this model?

In France, this car is available for hire in France and UK. Book it at one of our many 24/7 stations. Thanks to our innovative technology, you can pick up your vehicle independently using your smartphone and the Virtuo app.

Interested in long-term BMW hire?

If you don’t want to buy a car outright, our flexible leasing system is an excellent alternative to long-term hire and leasing with the option to buy. With flexible leasing, you can hire one of our new BMW 1 Series vehicles for up to 90 days. Once this period is up, you can then rebook the same car using the Virtuo app.

Need a car for a special event?

The BMW 1 Series has a unique design offering the simplicity of a compact with the character of a sports car. Wow everyone by turning up at a wedding or family party in this new speedster.


Why hire the BMW 1 Series ? The photos have the answer : 

An outstanding brand

An outstanding brand

Renowned in the automotive industry, reliable and robust

A sleek design

A sleek design

The sporty lines stand out from all the other compacts on the market

A clever car

A clever car

BMW Live Cockpit, Park Assist, Apple CarPlay...

Have fun

Have fun

Enjoy driving this versatile car whether you’re in the mountains, at the beach or in town.

Car model specifications

Here is a table displaying the main key features of the BMW 1 Series you can rent with Virtuo.
Car characteristicsValue
Car body typeCompact
Transmission typeAutomatic
Seats count5
Doors count5
Luggage capacity3
Backup cameraYes
Prices fromFrom $39 / day

Download the app

Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the virtuo app.



How does virtuo work?

Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the virtuo app.
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Complete your account

Complete your account

All we need is your driver's license and a selfie. The whole process will take a few minutes and you'll never have to do it again!



Once you have decided on your preferred model, you can choose the best insurance coverage and personalized options that suit your needs.



As you get closer to your car, your virtual key will appear in the app and allow you to open your car by tapping on the unlock button!

Damage report

Damage report

Quickly access the existing damage on the car through the app and report any additional damage