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Discover self-service car rental that revolutionised car hire

No queues, no paper work, no hassle

Book and unlock a premium car all through your phone, whenever you need.
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Available 24/7
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Enjoy a stylish car, every time

Select from a range of cars for wherever your journey takes you.
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  • Tesla
    Model 3 Long Range

    The coolest car has landed.

    From $59 / day
  • Tesla
    Model Y Long Range

    The head-turning electric SUV.

    From $62 / day
  • Fiat

    The most versatile SUV.

    From $30 / day
  • Opel

    The passionating yet affordable city car

    From $30 / day
  • Peugeot

    An uncompromisingly compact car that is the great value for money

    From $30 / day
  • Volkswagen

    The 6th generation Polo, a classic revisited

    From $32 / day
  • Nissan

    The compact, accessible, stylish SUV

    From $34 / day
  • Mercedes

    Find out what make this car so special.

    From $37 / day
  • Mercedes
    A-Class Sedan

    Find out what make this car so special.

    From $37 / day
  • Audi

    Go for a premium compact

    From $37 / day
  • Peugeot

    Head off to stock up on unforgettable memories at the wheel of a family SUV.

    From $37 / day
  • Seat

    The urban SUV

    From $37 / day
  • SEAT

    The urban SUV

    From $37 / day
  • BMW
    1 Series

    A compact and sporty car that you never get tired of driving.

    From $39 / day
  • Peugeot

    The big French SUV

    From $39 / day
  • Mercedes

    The minivan reinvented

    From $41 / day
  • Audi

    The ultimate family compact SUV

    From $42 / day
  • BMW

    Drive the number one family SUV from the Virtuo fleet.

    From $47 / day
  • Mercedes
    GLA 2020

    Discover the new SUV from Mercedes

    From $47 / day

Virtuo Benefits

Discover a range of added extras to make your trip extra enjoyable.
  • Up to 4 free additional drivers
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Built-in Sat Nav
  • Free cancellations *
  • 150 mi per day included

* Up to 3 hours before rental departure time

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We are across Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

Whether travelling abroad or escaping the city, our stations are conveniently located to suit your needs.
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