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Deposit needed

To rent a Virtuo, we take a deposit, 24 hours prior to the rental. This will appear on your bank account as a payment verification (not an actual charge).
The deposit is charged on the payment method used for the booking.
The amount of the deposit will vary from £300 to £1000 and 250 euros to 1000 euros (for booking outside of UK)

- Compact premium and access : £300
- SUV premium : £300
- GLB : £1000
- Electric vehicules : £1000

We will of course release it at the end of the rental - once our team has checked the vehicle (can take up to 7 days depending on your bank).
If your deposit is refused, you can update your payment method, from your app, open your affected booking and select: Modify payment method.
Deposit amounts vary by country - please refer to our Terms and conditions :

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