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Modification or cancelation of my rental

You have the possibility to modify or cancel your booking by selecting your booking from the 'Reservations' tab.

What can you change?

• Pick-up location, but not for Virtuo Delivered bookings.
• Car model, if it's available.
• Pick-up times: 24h before the booking starts.
• Return date, but make sure it's at least 2 hours before it ends and check if it's available.
• Mileage package: anytime you like.
• Extras like baby seats or snow chains: give us a heads-up 24 hours before.
• Add-ons for protection: again, 24 hours notice.
• Adding other drivers: Up to 3h before the booking starts, this is a paid option which will not be refunded if not used.
• Payment Method: 3h in advance for pickup bookings, 24h in advance for Virtuo delivered and Airports.

Heads up on timing:

For a regular Virtuo station, you've got a 3-hour window before the booking starts for most changes (though some elements need a 24-hour heads up).
For Virtuo Delivered and airport stations, it's a solid 24 hours in advance.

And a quick note: Changing your booking might change its cost. And if you change the dates, some of the extras you picked might not be available anymore.

Thinking of canceling? Here's how it's free:

48h before the booking starts. If you're on time with canceling, you'll see a full refund come your way.

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