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Use of an Electric car

We've added various Electric Vehicles (EVs) to our fleet.

We apply a fee for the use of our electric vehicles, calculated on a per-kilometer/mile basis. The specific amount of this fee will be displayed in the app after you select your vehicle. This fee varies by country and is separate from any charging costs you may incur. It applies even if you use a charging station from our partners and is designed to cover the total distance driven during your rental period, not the amount of electricity used.

For your convenience, each vehicle comes equipped with a charging badge. If you're renting outside of France, you'll need to download our partner's app to locate available charging stations. In France, the Virtuo app has an integrated map feature to assist you in finding a station.

How do you charge the vehicle?

Inside the car's boot, you'll find two charging cables:
A domestic-use cable for home charging.
A cable for charging stations, compatible with both Combo CCS and Type 2 plugs.

Where can you juice up the car?

Options include:
• Your home.
• Stations on the Virtuo charging network.

Meet our partners:

• UK: BP pulse network, accessed through the BP Pulse App.
• Spain: Endesa, via the Juicepass app.
• France: Be:Mo, directly within the Virtuo app.
• Italy: BeCharge, using the BeCharge app.

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