VIRTUO terms and conditions of membership and rental

These Virtuo terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) govern the relationship between Virtuo Technologies, a French simplified joint-stock company (société par actions simplifiée) with a share capital of 133,580 euros, which is registered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 813 197 589 and whose registered office is located at 16 Boulevard de la Bastille - 75012 Paris - France (hereinafter “Virtuo” or “we” or “us”), and any registered person (the “User” or “you”) wishing to use the Virtuo application, which may be downloaded free-of-charge, in particular from the Apple appstore and the Android Playstore (the “Virtuo Application”).

Virtuo and the User are hereinafter referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”.

Your membership allows you to take advantage of the services offered by Virtuo, a self-service vehicle rental platform available 7 days a week in France and other countries.

Table of contents

Your Membership

To benefit from the services offered by Virtuo: (i) you must be of legal adult age; (ii) you must have held a valid driving licence for at least three (3) years; (iii) you must not be registered on the CLARIS blacklist in France; and (iv) you must not have had more than two (2) accidents in the previous three (3) years.

Our company is a member of the Renters’ Division of the CNPA, France’s National Council of Automotive Professionals. We may pass on personal data that we hold on you, in connection with this rental agreement, for the mutual benefit of this Division’s members, allowing them to legitimately refuse any future rentals. If this is the case, you will be notified and you will have the right to object to the registration, access, rectification and/or deletion of your personal data (pursuant to CNIL Deliberation No. 2006-235 of November 9th, 2006) by contacting the Renters’ Division of the CNPA at 50 rue Rouget de Lisle, 92158 Suresnes, Cedex, France.

You must complete the membership form via the Virtuo Application and Virtuo websites by entering accurate and complete information in the fields. If incomplete or false statements are made, the User's account may be automatically terminated without prior notice or formal procedures, and the User undertakes to cover Virtuo against any consequences that may arise from such incomplete or false statements.

In order to receive confirmations of your bookings and information messages about your rentals, you will need to provide us with a valid email address and your mobile phone number.

When you register, you will be required to provide us with the following supporting documentation via the Virtuo Application:

A copy of your driving licence. You must maintain a driving licence that is valid within the European Union for the duration of your membership.

A copy of both sides of a currently valid identity document, such as a passport or national identity card.

Details of your bank card. (Prepaid and capped cards, such as Maestro and Electron cards, are not accepted.)

During your registration, and before your account is validated, we may ask you to authenticate your bank card a second time, and further authentication may be required each time you add a new bank card or credit card to your account. In these cases, we will ask you to email a photo of your card (front only) to, ensuring that you cover the digits and only reveal the following information: the last 4 digits of the card number, the expiry date, and the cardholder’s first name and last name. Your email containing the photo will be deleted once we have received and processed it.

All supporting documentation that you provide to us must be valid at the time of each vehicle rental and for the duration of each rental period.

Your membership will not be confirmed until your identity has been verified via the Virtuo Application. If you fail to comply with this identity check and/or if Virtuo is unable to verify your identity, your membership will be suspended and will only be validated following verification of your identity by any other means proposed by Virtuo.

By becoming a member of the service offered by Virtuo, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them. Each time you book a vehicle, you reconfirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Once your membership has been confirmed, you can complete your profile by entering your personal details, including a profile photo. In so doing, you warrant that you hold all the necessary rights to use these details and/or images in connection with your profile and grant Virtuo the right to use, reproduce and represent this information in connection with your usage and the provision of the Virtuo Application, and in connection with any promotional activities relating to the services used by Virtuo (via internet, television and/or in paper form). This authorisation is valid for the duration of your Virtuo membership and applies to elements subject to intellectual property rights as well as to those relating to the protection of your privacy and your image rights.

Making a booking

You can book a vehicle via the Virtuo Application or on the website a(href="")

You must book the vehicle before you can use it. When you book, you will be offered different ranges of vehicles, depending on their availability during the requested period and your chosen rental pickup location and return location. Virtuo cannot guarantee that you will be able to rent a specific vehicle (or particular vehicle model), but will provide an equivalent or better model than the one you booked (in terms of comfort, roominess and power).

You can book a vehicle up to six (6) months in advance, subject to a maximum of ten (10) simultaneous bookings. You cannot book (2) vehicles simultaneously in the same time slot.

Each rental must be prepaid when the booking is confirmed. This means that you must pay in advance for your rental and any optional services and insurance at the time of booking. This prepayment includes the daily rental charge for the vehicle, plus the cost of any services and optional extras you may have requested. The indicated amount will be debited from the bank card you selected at the time of booking. You will then receive a confirmation email containing a receipt. The prepaid amount will be shown on your final invoice and will be deducted from any outstanding amount payable. This amount excludes any additional charges that will be invoiced at the end of your rental period.

The bank card used to make the booking must be in the account holder’s name, which must match the name on the main driver’s licence. If you fail to use a card that is in your own name, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and charge your registered payment card for any losses incurred.

When confirming your booking, we use the 3D Secure system to ensure payments are processed securely. At the time of payment, you will be redirected to your bank’s site, where you will be asked to authenticate yourself by entering personal details previously registered with your bank. (Note that each bank has its own specific authentication methods.) Once these details are verified and we obtain authorisation from your bank, your payment will be completed and your booking will be confirmed. This authentication process is required to confirm your booking. If authentication is not performed, or if authentication fails, your booking will not be confirmed. Virtuo reserves the right to block an account after repeated failed attempts to complete 3D Secure authentication.

Each time you make a booking, you authorise Virtuo to verify the validity of your bank card (through a payment authorisation of €800) and to debit the amount of each rental from this card, together with any additional charges. You acknowledge that you have been informed and accept that the payment authorisation of €800 may affect the balance of the bank account associated with the bank card used and/or the debit limit for this card. The above mentioned amount would only be debited by Virtuo in the event of damage caused to the vehicle and/or in the event of a payment incident when processing your rental charge. You are informed and accept that Virtuo may be required to renew the payment authorisation for technical reasons, particularly relating to the duration of your booking.

If required, you can use the Virtuo Application to extend your booking, subject to certain conditions.

Each additional day will be charged at the maximum rate in effect at the time.

You will receive a confirmation of your booking by SMS on your mobile phone and/or by email.

Security deposit

Before your booking starts, Virtuo will request a payment pre-authorisation of €800 from your bank to cover the security deposit. Your bank card must therefore be valid on the scheduled end date of your booking and must have sufficient available funds. The security deposit must be charged to the same bank card as the one used to pay for the rental. The amount of the security deposit will be held against your bank card but will not be collected.

The security deposit enables us to reserve a sum of money in your bank account, although this amount will not actually be charged when your rental starts. Its purpose is to cover any additional costs and damages incurred during your rental. Depending on your bank, this amount may appear to have been deducted from your account, but this is not the case: the amount is simply ‘blocked’ until a final payment is made.

A few hours before your rental is due to start, Virtuo will request an authorisation against your bank card to cover the security deposit. If your bank approves the authorisation, your booking will be confirmed. If your bank rejects the authorisation, your booking will be put on hold. You will then have a few hours to contact your bank. You can ‘retry’ your deposit payment directly from the ‘My booking status’ screen in your app. If we have not heard back from you 2 hours before your rental is due to start, your booking will automatically be cancelled.

Changing or cancelling a booking

Subject to availability, you can change your booking at any time, either directly from the app or by contacting our customer service team. You may change all or part of your booking, i.e. pickup location, start and end dates, times, optional extras and insurance.

Any changes you make to your booking may result in a change in price, as the booking will be amended based on the rates in effect on the date of your changes.

If you benefited from a promotional offer or discount when you made your initial booking, and if your amended booking no longer meets the eligibility criteria for this offer or discount, then the promotion will no longer apply. You will not be entitled to any compensation in this case.

When confirming your amended booking, if the new cost of your booking is:
  • Higher than the amount you already paid, you must pay the corresponding difference;
  • Lower than the amount you already paid, the difference will be refunded to you.

You will receive an SMS and email confirmation of your amended booking, which will show your new booking details and the new total amount paid.

Once your rental has started, you can amend your booking directly from your app. After making your changes and completing the payment, you will receive an email containing your payment receipt. At this stage, you can only make two types of changes:
  • Increase your mileage allowance up to 400 km per day (and within a maximum of 3,000 km per booking), at a rate of €0.10 per km.
  • Extend your rental period, subject to availability and based on the rate in effect at the time of the extension.

You can cancel your booking free-of-charge no later than three (3) hours before your rental is due to start, if the pickup location is in a city centre or railway station; and up to twenty-four (24) hours before your rental is due to start, if the pickup location is in an airport. If you cancel less after this time, you will be charged for the first day's rental.

Once your booking has started, the vehicle will be held for you for up to 23 hours from the scheduled start time of your rental. After this period, we will cancel your booking and charge you a no-show fee equivalent to the total amount of your rental (options and insurance included). The vehicle will be made available to other customers.

Unlocking a vehicle using the Virtuo Application

You must use the Virtuo Application to unlock a vehicle that you have booked. Therefore, in order to rent a Virtuo vehicle, you need to have a functioning smartphone with mobile internet access and Bluetooth connectivity, and compatible with the Virtuo Application.

You will need to access the internet at least once during the three (3) hours preceding the start of your booking in order to download the key used to unlock the vehicle within the Virtuo Application. Failing this, Virtuo will be unable to send you this key and you will not be able to use the vehicle.

You must not under any circumstances lend your smartphone to someone else or allow anyone else to use your application access codes with a view to driving a Virtuo vehicle. Any use of the service through your account in the Virtuo Application will be deemed to have been carried out by you.

In the event of loss or theft of your smartphone that may give rise to unauthorised use of your account via the Virtuo Application, you must immediately contact the Virtuo customer service team on +33 1 85 09 09 00 or at so that your account can be suspended.

Before you can start the vehicle, you must first carry out a vehicle inspection. if the vehicle has damage which is not already recorded in the Virtup app, you must report this damage by taking a photo of the damaged or missing vehicle part and submitting it. Failing this, you will be held liable for these damages and you will be charged for any related costs (see article 8.2). These photographs will be stored in the Virtuo Application and will be used, once your booking has ended, to identify any damage that may have occurred while the vehicle was in your care.

You must also check that various documents and items are present in the vehicle, including the Virtuo badge, the vehicle documentation (copies or originals), the smartphone charging cable and any mandatory safety equipment.

Once your rental has started, you will receive your rental agreement by email and via the Virtuo Application, including the vehicle condition report, the rental dates, and the vehicle’s mileage and fuel level at the start of the booking. You must return the car with the same fuel level that you started out with. This report describes any damage caused to the vehicle prior to your booking, as well as any damage you have reported.

At any time during your booking, you can report new damage to the vehicle directly in the Virtuo Application by going to ‘My bookings’ and selecting ‘Damage report’. Any new damage reported will not affect the original report, which will prevail with regard to the vehicle’s condition at the start of the rental.

Early return/Cancellation

If you no longer require the vehicle, you can cancel your booking. To avoid being charged for the first day’s rental, you need to cancel at least three (3) hours before your booking is due to start if the pickup location is in a city centre or railway station; and up to twenty-four (24) hours before your rental is due to start, if the pickup location is in an airport.

You can always return a vehicle early at no extra charge. The vehicle must be returned to the Virtuo area selected at the time of booking. Returning a vehicle early does not entitle you to any full or partial refund of the total rental charge.

Terms and conditions of vehicle use

The User may add up to four (4) other drivers for the same vehicle under the same booking (“Additional Driver”).

Once the booking is confirmed, the User will be given the option to designate any Additional Drivers by selecting them from his/her smartphone contacts.

These Additional Drivers will receive SMS and email invitations to create their account on the Virtuo Application.

Once their account is approved, these Additional Drivers will be permitted to drive the rented vehicle. If the accounts of the Additional Drivers are rejected or are not approved at the start of the rental period, those Additional Drivers will not appear on the rental agreement and will not be permitted to drive the vehicle.

If any of the Additional Drivers is a Young Driver, the corresponding surcharge will be payable for that booking.

Any use of the vehicle and any damage sustained by the vehicle will be deemed to have been caused by the User who made the booking.

You must use the Virtuo Application to lock and unlock the vehicle during your rental. If you wish, you can also use the Virtuo badge located inside the vehicle to lock and unlock the car. This is only possible once you have transferred the virtual key to the Virtuo badge, as explained in the Virtuo Application.

By using the vehicle, you confirm that you still hold a valid driving licence and fulfil Virtuo's membership conditions.

You are liable for any penalties resulting from offences committed under the highway code (notably parking fines, bus lane fines, speeding fines, clamping fees and urban tolls/congestion charges) and any other charges you may incur while using the vehicle.

You must not smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the vehicle.

No pets are allowed in the vehicle.

Remember that another Virtuo customer will use the vehicle after you, so keep it clean and tidy.

If damages are done to the vehicle, you are responsible, and you must let us know immediately if anything happens.

If the vehicle breaks down, or there is a fault with the vehicle, you must let us know immediately. Do not arrange for your own breakdown repair service or allow any other person to service or fix the vehicle without our express permission.

If the vehicle is involved in an accident, you must fill out an incident report form (found in the glove box), then (i) take a photograph of this form and send it via the chat function in the Virtuo Application, and (ii) send the original form by post to:

Virtuo Technologies

Service Dommage et Accidents

16 boulevard de la Bastille

75012 Paris

If the vehicle is stolen or vandalised, please ensure that you: (i) report it to the police within a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours; and (ii) let us know immediately on +33 1 85 09 09 00.

You must not add any equipment or accessories to the vehicle, such as roof bars and racks, and towballs for trailers and caravans.

You may only drive Virtuo vehicles in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium. For any special requirements, contact the Virtuo Customer Relations Department.

You must only use the vehicle to carry passengers that do not exceed the permitted seating capacity.

You must not use the vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which is prohibited and/or likely to affect your judgement, reduce your reaction times, impair your ability to drive and/or induce drowsiness.

Use of the vehicle is not allowed in the following cases: carrying passengers for remuneration; driving off-road or on roads which are unsuitable or in restricted areas; taking part in car races, rallies, trials or any other contests; sub-renting in any form; providing driver training; carrying out any illegal activities; towing any trailer or vehicle; transporting inflammable, corrosive, toxic, explosive, ionising or bulky objects or substances which may damage the vehicle.

Returning a vehicle

You must return the vehicle before the end of your rental period.

You must return the vehicle in a clean state reflecting ‘normal’ usage, and at least in the same condition in which you received it. If you return the vehicle in an unfit state, Virtuo reserves the right to charge you for any cleaning costs.

At the end of the rental, check the condition of the vehicle and use the Virtuo Application to report any damage that may have occurred during your rental. Each vehicle is equipped with an accelerometer that can determine the date and time when a collision may have occurred. You acknowledge and agree that Virtuo may use this information in the event that the vehicle is damaged while in your possession. If you fail to report any damage before the end of your rental period, we reserve the right to invoice additional charges to cover any damages incurred by Virtuo in addition to the vehicle’s physical damage.

You must park the vehicle in its dedicated space in station and city centre car parks as indicated in the application.

Make sure the fuel tank level is at least as high as when you started your booking. This fuel level is indicated in the Virtuo Application.

Turn off the vehicle's lights.

Remember to leave the Virtuo badge inside the vehicle, as well as all documents and equipments provided to you at the start of your rental. Lock the vehicle using your Virtuo Application. If you fail to return the Virtuo badge or the car park badge (if the car park provides one), you will be charged a Penalty.

You must terminate your rental by pressing the rental termination button in the Virtuo Application.

Before the vehicle provided to you is rented to another user, Virtuo checks it and ensures that the User complied with the Terms and Conditions.

If you fail to return your vehicle to a designated Virtuo area (in the case of station and city centre car parks), you will be charged a penalty to cover the cost of retrieving the vehicle.

If you fail to return your vehicle by the scheduled end time of your booking, and if you have not extended your booking via the app, you will be charged a fixed late Penalty fee, in addition to the applicable daily rental charge, until you return the car. Virtuo also reserves the right to terminate a customer’s membership for this type of behavior.

If you fail to return the vehicle on the date shown in the rental agreement, and if you have not contacted us within 12 hours regarding this delayed return, Virtuo will consider the vehicle to have been unlawfully appropriated and may report this incident to the relevant local authorities. In such cases, Virtuo reserves the right to charge you an additional day for each rental day, based on the applicable rental rate, plus a fixed charge of €50 net for each day that the vehicle was kept beyond the rental period, in addition to compensation for all damages and losses incurred by Virtuo: fines, penalties or sanctions incurred on the vehicle as a result of demands by public administrations for the purposes of identifying the perpetrator or clarifying the circumstances relating to a breach of contractual obligations or a criminal offence. Virtuo will also be entitled to start legal proceedings in order to demand the immediate return of the vehicle. In such cases, protections and additional contractual services would have no effect.

Financial terms and conditions

Vehicle rental charges

The charges for each rental (including any applicable extra charges) will be calculated when you make the booking and will be displayed in the Virtuo Application on your smartphone or on the website before you confirm your booking.

The vehicle’s rental charge is calculated based on the requested start and end dates and times of the rental period, the day of the week, and the duration of your booking.

Rental charges will be debited from your bank card at the time of booking, and any additional charges applicable will be invoiced at the end of your rental period.

The cost of your vehicle rental covers your selected rental period, together with an allocated mileage allowance. An additional charge may be made according to the actual mileage used and/or any extension to the rental period. If you exceed your allowance, you will be charged for any additional kilometres. The distance travelled is calculated by the GPS system installed in the vehicle.

If you book a vehicle in a country outside France, you will still be charged and debited in euros.

We request a payment pre-authorisation of €800 on your bank card when you make your booking. The booking will only be confirmed once the pre-authorisation has been accepted. We will notify you if the pre-authorisation is rejected by your bank.

Your rental is still considered to be in progress until: (i) you return the vehicle to its designated area; and (ii) you press the button in the Virtuo Application to terminate your rental. If this period exceeds the initially booked period, Virtuo will invoice additional charges based on the terms described in article 8.2.

Additional charges

If you expect to return the vehicle late, you must inform us by contacting our customer service team directly or via the relevant section in the Virtuo Application. You will be charged for the cost of your rental at the rate agreed when you made the booking, plus the cost of the extended period (at the rate currently in effect) and a late return surcharge, and a fixed late fee of €25 net per day.

You will be charged administration costs, of €15 net, for processing any penalties applied to the vehicle during your rental period, in addition to the amount of the corresponding fines.

In the event of damage caused to the vehicle, you will be charged the following:

  • all repair costs, all compensation due for loss of use, and all towing costs and damage administration costs, if the total of these amounts is less than the deductible.
  • an amount equivalent to the deductible, if the repair costs, any compensation due for loss of use, and any towing costs and damage administration costs are higher than this excess deductible.
  • all repair costs, all compensation due for loss of use, and all towing costs and damage administration costs, if you do not have the insurance cover specified in the Terms and Conditions.

In the event of damage caused to the car and reported by the User when carrying out the end-of-rental inspection, Virtuo will email you, as soon as possible, an estimate of the repair costs, any compensation due for loss of use, and any towing costs. These costs will be invoiced to you within a period of seven (7) days.

If a Virtuo operator identifies damage to the car which was not reported at the time of the end-of-rental inspection, Virtuo will email you a report on the damage identified, photographs of this damage, and an estimate of any repair costs, any compensation due for loss of use of the vehicle, and any towing costs in connection with repairing the damage identified, in addition to a damage administration charge (€45). The total of these amounts will be invoiced to you within a period of seven (7) days.

If the vehicle is not returned with at least as much fuel as it contained at the start of your rental, you will be charged for the difference, in addition to a surcharge of €15. The fuel price per litre is set according to the average fuel price (source:

If you exceed the mileage allowance for your rental, you will be charged for your additional mileage. The amount of this additional charge will be twenty-five euro cents (€0.25) per additional kilometre.

If the vehicle is returned in an unclean state, you will be charged a flat fee to clean the vehicle.

If you leave behind any personal belongings in the vehicle and these items are recovered by Virtuo, we can arrange to deliver them to you for a net administration fee of ten euros (€10), plus any delivery costs incurred.

All additional charges are specified on the invoice, which will be produced at the end of your rental period and the corresponding amount will be automatically debited together with the rental charge.


By booking a vehicle, you undertake to pay Virtuo all charges associated with your rental (including any surcharges) and to settle any costs relating to your use of the vehicle, such as fuel and tolls.

You must inform us of any changes in respect of your bank card. If you use an invalid bank card (e.g. expired or cancelled), you acknowledge and agree that Virtuo will be entitled to cancel all corresponding rental agreements immediately and without notice.

At the end of each rental, we will debit from your account the rental charges agreed at the time of booking and any additional charges referred to in section 8.2.

We will not be liable for any surcharges, fees or additional costs that your bank may charge you.

In the event that your bank rejects the payment authorisation or your rental charge payment, we reserve the right to suspend your membership and immediately cancel any vehicle bookings that you may have made.

You can view a summary of your invoices in the relevant section in the Virtuo Application.

By making a booking and providing us with your bank card details, you authorise Virtuo to debit all charges relating to your rental, including the insurance deductible in the event of damage.


Once a User’s account is approved, he/she will receive a referral code. The value of this referral code is indicated in the Virtuo Application and in the account approval email sent to the User.

The User may refer any friend or family member who is not already registered as a User and has not yet made their first booking (“Referred Person”). Users are invited to share their referral code with their Referred Persons, allowing them to benefit from a fixed discount on their first rental (equivalent to the value of the referral code). Once the Referred Person’s rental has started, the referring User will have the equivalent amount credited to his/her Virtuo account and can apply this credit to his/her next rental.

The referral credit applies to rental charges, excluding optional extras and insurance.

This offer is limited to ten (10) referrals per User. The referral credit expires twelve (12) months from the date when the code is used by the Referred Person.

Disclosing and sharing the referral code on public forums is strictly prohibited, including postings on promotion code websites and social media.

Virtuo reserves the right to cancel the referral credits awarded to the Referred Person and to the referring User if the Terms and Conditions are breached.

Virtuo reserves the right to suspend this referral programme at any time.

Insurance and additional protection offered by Virtuo

Subject to complying with the Terms and Conditions, you will be covered by mandatory third-party car insurance, as well as vehicle damage and theft insurance.

When you join Virtuo as a customer, you automatically accept the additional protection provided against damage caused to the vehicle while you use it. This protection is included in your membership. Please refer to Appendix B for details on this protection and the relevant terms and conditions.

Subject to complying with the terms and conditions for membership and rental, you will only have to pay the deductible in the event that damage is caused to the vehicle (note that the excess/deductible applies per claim, so if you are involved in several accidents during your rental period, you will have to pay the excess/deductible for each of these accidents), its equipment or its accessories, as well as in the event of theft, attempted theft or vandalism. If the cost of the damages is less than the amount of the deductible, you will only have to pay for the cost of the repairs, any compensation due for loss of use, and any towing costs and damage administration costs. The amount of the deductible depends on any additional cover you may have taken out (see Appendix B).

If you fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions and/or if the loss, damage or theft are intentional or due to gross negligence, you will not benefit from any insurance or cover.

Terminating and suspending your membership

You can terminate your membership with Virtuo at any time. We will then close your account after terminating your membership. You will no longer be able to book any vehicles. If you have any booking(s) in progress when you terminate your membership, they will be cancelled in accordance with the terms in Article 5.

We can suspend your membership if you have not settled your invoices or if your bank card payment failed before or after the rental expired.

We can also suspend your membership if your driving licence does not fulfil the mandatory requirements for using our vehicles (e.g. if cancelled or suspended).

Protection of personal data

In the course of its relationship with the User, Virtuo is required to process the User's personal data for its own purposes. This personal data is supplied to Virtuo by the User: (i) during the registration process, and (ii) subsequently via the Virtuo Application.

We have equipped our vehicles with a GPS device so that we can provide you with round-the-clock services (for vehicle access) and protect against theft. Virtuo may use this device to monitor the vehicle’s status, performance and operation and/or track the vehicle’s movements. This information may be used both during and after the rental period. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you expressly acknowledge that you have given your explicit agreement to the use of these electronic devices.

Any mandatory data to be supplied to Virtuo are identified as such when the User registers and/or books the vehicle(s). In particular, Virtuo needs to collect location data so that you can use the services that it offers.

The User is informed that video surveillance systems are installed in vehicle parking locations. These systems are operated by the person in charge of managing the parking area. Virtuo is not responsible for the processing of these data.

Unless requested or expressly agreed by the User, in strict accordance with his/her instructions, Virtuo will not process any personal data other than those described in this Article 11.

Your personal data are collected by Virtuo: (i) for use by the Virtuo Application in connection with vehicle rentals; (ii) to keep you informed of the latest news about Virtuo, notably through push notifications within the Virtuo Application, by email or by SMS; (iii) to organise competitions and lotteries for advertising purposes; (iv) to broadcast advertising content via the Virtuo Application; and (v) any other uses which aim to enhance the functionality of the Virtuo Application and/or any other service provided by Virtuo.

For the purposes of managing your account and providing our services, you agree that we may store this information for the entire duration of your use of the Virtuo Application and a period of one (1) year from the date when the account was terminated, for any reason whatsoever. Once this period expires, any personal data that may identify the User concerned are deleted, excluding those that Virtuo needs to store in order to fulfil its legal obligations (e.g. invoicing data, identification of content authors, provision of guarantee).

In respect of rental payments, Virtuo may store the User's personal data for a period extending beyond the termination of this User's personal account, in particular to fulfil its obligations relating to the collection of payments by Virtuo and/or to enable it to produce evidence for the entire duration of the statutory limitation period.

You have the right to access, rectify and/or delete any personal data that we hold on you. To exercise any of these rights, the User may simply use the account management tool provided to him/her, or write to the following address, indicating their full name and email address: Virtuo Technologies, 20 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris, France. At any time, the User may access his/her personal data and update this information, or delete his/her account and any associated personal data using his/her ID and password.

Pursuant to French law no. 78-17 of January 6th 1978 relating to data processing, computer files and civil liberties, information about the processing of personal data collected by Virtuo has been disclosed to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (French data protection and civil liberties authority).

In some specific circumstances, Virtuo may need to disclose your personal data, if this is required by the legal authorities.

Your personal data, in particular your email addresses, will not be subject to rental, sale, exchange or sharing with other service providers if you have not expressly agreed to receive promotional offers from other companies that may be of interest to you.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Any changes to the Terms and Conditions, as well as to rental charges and other charges, will be available for viewing on the website and via the Virtuo Application.

By making a booking, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree to the charges and Terms and Conditions currently in effect.

Agreement on evidence – Applicable law – Disputes

Any disputes not settled amicably will be governed by French law and will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. However, disputes with a User who is not deemed to be a consumer pursuant to the preliminary article of the French consumer code (code de la consommation) will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris courts.

Digital records will be maintained in Virtuo's information systems under reasonable security conditions and will be considered as evidence of transactions, orders and payments executed via the Virtuo Application or via email. 

Additional charges - Appendix A

Additional charges (including taxes)For rentals in France in €
Booking cancelled less than 3 hours before start of rental if the pickup location is in a city centre or railway station; and up to twenty-four (24) hours before your rental is due to start, if the pickup location is in an airport100% of the first day's rental will be charged
Booking changed less than 3 hours before start of rental if the pickup location is in a city centre or railway station; and up to twenty-four (24) hours before your rental is due to start, if the pickup location is in an airport100% of the first day's rental will be charged
No show up to 24h after the planned pick-up time100% of the total rental amount will be charged (options and insurances included).
Delay not reported to Virtuo Customer Service€50 per late day + rental charge
Delay reported to Virtuo Customer Service€25 + rental charge + extra time invoices ind 30 minute increments
Vehicle returned with less fuel than at start of rental (deviation of +/- 5% tolerated)€15 + per litre fuel charge (based on price scale shown in Virtuo Application)
Vehicle not returned to a Virtuo designated area€25
Vehicle returned in very dirty condition€45
Non respect of the prohibition of smoking in the car€50
Virtuo badge lost€10
Car park card or Total GR card lost€50
Vehicle returned to incorrect location€45
Flat fee for processing forgotten items€10 + shipment cost
Flat fee for processing fines and penalties€15 + amount of fine
Incorrect fuel€558.73 + towed fees
Additionnal km not pre-purchased during booking, or exceeding 400 km per rental day and within the maximum of 3,000 km per booking0,25€/km

Additional cover - Appendix B

In the event of theft, vandalism or damage caused to the vehicle, you will be charged a deductible. If the cost of the damage is less than the amount of your deductible, you will be financially liable for the cost of the repairs, any compensation due for loss of use, and any towing costs and damage administration costs. Any damages that amount to more than your deductible will be covered by Virtuo.

We offer additional cover options which reduce or eliminate the deductible. This means that users who have taken out additional cover will see a reduction or a full waiver of the deductible that they would pay in the event of theft or damages that they are liable for:

‘Basic’ cover- included as standard in the rental charge.
Damage and theft cover, subject to a deductible of €1,350 incl taxes. Windscreen, headlights and tyres damages are not included in ‘Basic’ cover.

‘Plus’ cover- additional charge of €15 incl taxes per rental day.
Damage and theft cover, plus tyre and windscreen, subject to a deductible of €350 incl taxes.

‘Premium’ cover- additional charge of €26 incl taxes per rental day.
Damage and theft cover, plus tyre and windscreen, with deductible reduced to zero.

Repair charges schedule - Appendix C

Exterior/InteriorZoneItemNature of damageTotal incl taxes
insideinsideBoot carpetdamaged€173.92
insideinsideCeiling trimdamaged€891.32
insideinsideCigarette lighterdamaged€22.00
insideinsideCigarette lightermissing€22.00
insideinsideDoor trimdamaged€945.35
insideinsideFront carpetdamaged€177.07
insideinsideFront floor carpetdamaged€67.13
insideinsideFront seat backdamaged€222.08
insideinsideFront seat cushiondamaged€223.92
insideinsideFront seat headrestdamaged€178.00
insideinsideJacket & alert trianglemissing€49.38
insideinsideKeyless Start Boutonmissing€25.15
insideinsideRear carpetdamaged€247.69
insideinsideRear seatdamaged€247.38
insideinsideRear seat backdamaged€158.31
insideinsideRear shelfdamaged€230.85
insideinsideRear shelfmissing€230.85
insideinsideRearview mirrordamaged€268.92
insideinsideSafety beltsdamaged€198.92
insideinsideSteering wheeldamaged€597.92
insideinsideSun visordamaged€55.85
insideinsideSun visormissing€55.85
insideinsideWindshield post trimdamaged€27.38
outsidefrontFront License Platedamaged€27.30
outsidefrontFront License Platereplacement€27.30
outsidefrontFront bumperdamaged€583.66
outsidefrontFront bumperreplacement€1,517.80
outsidefrontFront bumperscratched€146.40
outsidefrontFront bumper with sensorsdamaged€583.66
outsidefrontFront bumper with sensorsreplacement€1,813.00
outsidefrontFront grilledamaged€587.46
outsidefrontFront grillereplacement€587.46
outsidefrontFront signdamaged€143.12
outsidefrontFront signreplacement€143.12
outsidefrontFront windshielddamaged€91.00
outsidefrontFront windshieldreplacement€552.74
outsidefrontRadiator grilledamaged€79.12
outsidefrontRadiator grillereplacement€79.12
outsidefrontWindscreen wiperdamaged€52.23
outsidefrontWindscreen wiperreplacement€52.23
outsidefrontWindscreen wiper armdamaged€204.00
outsidefrontWindscreen wiper armreplacement€204.00
outsideleftDoor lockdamaged€355.08
outsideleftDoor lockreplacement€355.08
outsideleftElectrical side mirrordamaged€167.04
outsideleftElectrical side mirrorreplacement€777.40
outsideleftFront alloy wheeldamaged€150.00
outsideleftFront alloy wheelreplacement€467.00
outsideleftFront doordamaged€252.72
outsideleftFront doorreplacement€1,080.36
outsideleftFront door handledamaged€112.32
outsideleftFront door handlereplacement€128.56
outsideleftFront fenderdamaged€322.44
outsideleftFront fenderreplacement€524.36
outsideleftFront tiredamaged€294.84
outsideleftFront tirereplacement€294.84
outsideleftFront windowdamaged€119.06
outsideleftFront windowreplacement€119.06
outsideleftFuel filler doordamaged€17.30
outsideleftFuel filler doorreplacement€17.30
outsideleftGas flapdamaged€426.68
outsideleftGas flapreplacement€426.68
outsideleftRear alloy wheeldamaged€150.00
outsideleftRear alloy wheelreplacement€467.00
outsideleftRear doordamaged€368.46
outsideleftRear doorreplacement€848.04
outsideleftRear door handledamaged€112.32
outsideleftRear door handlereplacement€128.56
outsideleftRear fenderdamaged€425.84
outsideleftRear fenderreplacement€2,074.40
outsideleftRear tiredamaged€294.84
outsideleftRear tirereplacement€294.84
outsideleftRear window (big)damaged€149.22
outsideleftRear window (big)replacement€149.22
outsideleftRear window (small)damaged€190.00
outsideleftRear window (small)replacement€190.00
outsideleftSide skirtsdamaged€165.90
outsideleftSide skirtsmissing€399.46
outsideleftSide skirtsreplacement€399.46
outsiderearRear Skirtdamaged€170.00
outsiderearRear Skirtreplacement€400.00
outsiderearRear bumperdamaged€563.38
outsiderearRear bumperreplacement€1,057.00
outsiderearRear bumperscratched€126.12
outsiderearRear bumper with sensorsdamaged€563.38
outsiderearRear bumper with sensorsreplacement€1,255.42
outsiderearRear hatch spoilerdamaged€224.64
outsiderearRear hatch spoilerreplacement€635.69
outsiderearRear license platedamaged€27.30
outsiderearRear license platereplacement€27.30
outsiderearRear lightdamaged€279.49
outsiderearRear lightreplacement€279.49
outsiderearRear signdamaged€143.12
outsiderearRear signreplacement€143.12
outsiderearRear window wiperdamaged€19.81
outsiderearRear window wiperreplacement€19.81
outsiderearRear windshielddamaged€455.72
outsiderearRear windshieldreplacement€455.72
outsiderearSTOP lampdamaged€113.33
outsiderearSTOP lampreplacement€113.33
outsiderightElectrical side mirrordamaged€167.04
outsiderightElectrical side mirrorreplacement€777.40
outsiderightFront alloy wheeldamaged€150.00
outsiderightFront alloy wheelreplacement€476.00
outsiderightFront doordamaged€252.72
outsiderightFront doorreplacement€1,080.36
outsiderightFront door handledamaged€112.32
outsiderightFront door handlereplacement€128.56
outsiderightFront fenderdamaged€322.44
outsiderightFront fenderreplacement€524.36
outsiderightFront tiredamaged€294.84
outsiderightFront tirereplacement€294.84
outsiderightFront windowdamaged€119.06
outsiderightFront windowreplacement€119.06
outsiderightRear alloy wheeldamaged€150.00
outsiderightRear alloy wheelreplacement€467.00
outsiderightRear doordamaged€368.46
outsiderightRear doorreplacement€848.04
outsiderightRear door handledamaged€112.32
outsiderightRear door handlereplacement€128.56
outsiderightRear fenderdamaged€425.84
outsiderightRear fenderreplacement€2,074.40
outsiderightRear tiredamaged€294.84
outsiderightRear tirereplacement€294.84
outsiderightRear window (big)damaged€149.22
outsiderightRear window (big)replacement€149.22
outsiderightRear window (small)damaged€190.00
outsiderightRear window (small)replacement€190.00
outsiderightSide skirtsdamaged€165.90
outsiderightSide skirtsreplacement€399.46
outsidevery dirty vehiclenoticed€45.00