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How it works

Navigating the world of car rentals has never been more seamless with Virtuo. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our all-digital process works:

Registration: Start by downloading the Virtuo app. Register by capturing a quick selfie and photographing both the front and back of your driving license. Our system ensures quick validation.

Booking: Once registered, browse through available vehicles and select your preferred dates and pick-up station.

Digital Key: Forget traditional car keys! With Virtuo, 4 hours before your rental's commencement, a digital key becomes available for download. This enables you to unlock and access your rental car via Bluetooth. No physical interaction required.

Initial Damage Report: Upon reaching your rental car, the app will guide you through an initial damage report. This procedure ensures transparency regarding the car's current condition. Snap a few pictures if needed and ensure both you and Virtuo are on the same page about the vehicle's state.

Drive and Enjoy: With all formalities complete, you're ready to hit the road! Your Virtuo rental offers a smooth driving experience, ensuring you reach your destinations with ease.

Return & Final Damage Report: As your journey concludes, return the car to the original pick-up station. Using the app, carry out a final damage report to confirm the vehicle's status post-rental.

Conclude the Rental: Once satisfied, lock up using the digital key and end your booking on the app. It's as simple as that!

With Virtuo, we've turned the traditionally cumbersome car rental process into a smooth, user-friendly experience. Enjoy the journey!

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