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Insurance and protection

At Virtuo, we offer four distinct Protection options:

Basic Protection: By default, every rental comes with this. It covers:
◦ Third Party Liability, addressing damages caused to other parties.
◦ Protection against theft, fire, and accidental damages to our vehicles, up to the limits set in the rental agreement.

Plus Protection: This reduces your excess. The exact reduced amount is contingent on the model of the vehicle you've chosen and will be detailed in your rental contract, assuming you've opted for this.

Tire Protection: This is specifically for any issues that might arise with the tires, such as punctures or rim damage. If you take this option, the amount you'd need to pay in the event of tire-related damages is reduced to £0/€0.

Premium Protection: By selecting this, any excess fees due to damages drop to £0/€0. Additionally, the Tire Protection is bundled into this option, offering a comprehensive coverage.
For all the details and specifics, do check out our terms and conditions at: Virtuo Terms & Conditions and for insurance-related details: Virtuo Insurance Terms.

Please note that you have until the start of the booking to add a Protection. After this window, you won't be able to add or modify your Protection choice.

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