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I have an unpaid invoice

If you have an outstanding invoice with Virtuo, it's straightforward to settle it. Please follow these steps:

Accessing the Invoice: Whether you're using the Virtuo mobile application or our website (govirtuo.com), simply log into your account. Once logged in, you'll notice a red banner on the home page indicating the unpaid invoice.
Payment: Click on this banner, and you'll be guided through the payment process.
Updating Payment Method: If you wish to use a different card or add a new one, the system allows you to do so during this process.

Please be aware of a few important points:

• As long as there's an outstanding invoice on your Virtuo account, you will be unable to make a new reservation.
• For our part, we will periodically attempt to process the unpaid amount using the card you have on file with us. It's essential to ensure that this card has sufficient funds to avoid any additional complications.

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