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Transfer the key to my additional driver

If you wish to add an additional driver to your Virtuo rental, they need to have a validated account in advance, complete with a DVLA check for those with UK licenses.

Adding an additional driver to your rental agreement allows you to share the virtual key via the Virtuo app. Here's how you do it:
In the Virtuo app, swipe up from the key bar to display a range of options.
Choose "manage my additional drivers."
Select the desired driver, and voila, the key is transferred!

Alternatively, your additional driver can also request the key from you through the Virtuo app, and all you need to do is approve the transfer. It's also worth noting that as the primary driver, you retain the right to reclaim the key whenever you wish.

However, for insurance and accountability reasons, the additional driver isn't allowed to initiate or conclude a rental, particularly given the requirement to complete the damage report.

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