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Deposit needed

Planning to rent a Virtuo? We place a deposit hold 24 hours before your rental begins. This shows up on your bank statement as a payment verification, not an actual charge.

The deposit comes from the payment method you used to book.
The deposit amount might differ based on the vehicle type and the country of rental.

Once your rental wraps up and our team has inspected the vehicle, we'll release the deposit. Depending on your bank, this can take up to 7 days.

Having trouble with the deposit freeze?

There could be a few reasons for a deposit decline:

• 3D Secure might be having issues. You could try making the payment on the Virtuo website. If it's still a no-go, reach out to your bank. We won't be able to assist from our end.
• We might be having a hiccup with Apple Pay. As an alternative, you can manually input your card details and proceed with the standard payment method.

Need to switch up your payment method? Head to your app, tap on the booking in question, and choose: Modify payment method.

Deposit amounts can differ per country. For specifics, take a look at our Terms and conditions under:

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