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Increase my mileage allowance

You can easily adjust your mileage package during the course of your rental. To do so, simply launch the Virtuo app, click on "See booking details" from the home screen, and then choose "modify my booking". This allows you to adjust your mileage as needed.

Included in your rental is a standard mileage allotment. However, if you anticipate more travel, you have the option to add additional mileage up to the specified daily limit or for a cumulative 30-day period.

If you happen to exceed the maximum mileage limit, there's no need for alarm. However, do be aware that additional charges will apply for the extra miles/kilometers traveled.

To get a clear understanding of the cost for extra miles/kilometers, please consult Appendix 5 - MILEAGE AND SURCHARGE in our Rental Terms and Conditions.

Being proactive in monitoring and managing your mileage can prevent unexpected costs. Although we provide flexibility in adjusting your mileage, making informed decisions based on your travel itinerary is always beneficial.

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