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Use the virtuo key card

At Virtuo, we provide our customers with a convenient and streamlined car rental experience through the use of the Virtuo app and the Virtuo badge when available. Here's a comprehensive guide to using the Virtuo badge and app:

Virtuo Badge Usage:
The Virtuo badge is designed to help you use our technology and offer support in some exceptional situations, offering a quick and efficient way to unlock and lock Virtuo cars.

Badge Availability:
Please note that that "Activate the Virtuo badge" option may not be available in all our vehicles. Some models are not compatible with the technology so the option to enable the badge may not appear on your Virtuo app.

App Usage Recommendations:
For a seamless experience, it's advisable to have a fully charged phone.
The Virtuo app goes beyond badge usage and provides additional functionalities such as extending mileage or prolonging the rental period.

Activating the Virtuo Badge:
Open the Virtuo app.
Swipe up from the black key bar on the screen to access the key menu.
Select the option "Enable the Virtuo Keycard."
Enter the 4 to 6-digit code found on the Virtuo badge when prompted.

Usage Flexibility:
Once activated, the Virtuo badge can be used to unlock/lock the car. However, customers still have the option to use their phones for this purpose if they prefer.

We hope this guide enhances your understanding of Virtuo's technology features. Thank you for choosing Virtuo, and we look forward to providing you with a user-friendly and efficient car rental service.

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