Rent a Tesla Model 3 Long Range

The coolest car has landed and it's ready to electrify your next trip.

Model 3 Long Range

Experience the future with Tesla


The Tesla Model 3 is quite simply an extraordinary car. Forget everything you know about cars; this experience is totally unique. The Tesla Model 3 is a comfortable, intelligent car that takes care of everything for you. It plans your route, drives autonomously and is packed with entertainment apps to accompany you throughout your journey.

Tesla Model 3, the world's most intelligent car

Discover the most connected car in the world, a new way of looking at electric cars with Virtuo and Tesla

The future of driving

One of the major advances in the Tesla Model 3 is autopilot. The cars comes equipped with Standard Autopilot that allows your car to drive with traffic aware cruise control and autosteer. Keep an eye on the road but don't get tired; your car will analyse risks up to 160 metres around you. 100% autonomous driving is not far off.

Performance and ecology

The Tesla Model 3 is an example of technological performance and is available on-demand with Virtuo. Its innovation enables the enjoyment of driving with a reduced carbon footprint. In addition, this vehicle has the longest range on the electric market: 382 miles. Who says you can't go far in an electric car?

Safety first

The Tesla Model 3 has been engineered to be the safest car in the world. The combination of software and design means nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the safety and comfort of passengers.

How do I charge my Tesla?

During your rental, you will have free access to Tesla's extensive network of Superchargers.

3 things only possible in a Tesla

Netflix & Supercharge

You can charge your car in 30 minutes (186 miles in 15 minutes) with the Tesla Supercharger. Whilst doing so, sit back and enjoy the latest episode of your favourite series! 

Tesla Voice Control

No more gestures! With voice control, you can communicate with your Tesla. Using just your voice you can alter the air conditioning, plan a route, manage your music and much more...

Tesla Autopilot

Autopilot allows your car to automatically steer, accelerate and brake when in lane. Keep an eye on the road but don't wear yourself out, your car will analyse risks up to 160 metres around you.

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  • Everything is different

    Rediscover the enjoyment of driving with Tesla. This connected car is built to impress with its sleek design, 16-inch central screen and new features such as Autopilot. 

  • Endless battery

    The Tesla Model 3 is 100% electric, so there's no need to go to a petrol station. You can charge at home overnight and wake up every morning with a full battery. When on the road you can plug into any charging station. Just 15 minutes of charging on a Tesla Supercharger will give you 186 miles of driving time.

  • Enhanced safety

    The Tesla Model 3 has achieved a European New Car Assessment Programme safety rating of 5 stars in all categories. This is thanks to its advanced active safety features, lane departure warning, seat belt reminder, speed assist, automatic emergency braking and many other on-board technologies. 

Available in London | Pick up or Delivered

Do you live in London and want to rent a Tesla for a day, a weekend or more? Book the Tesla Model 3 using the Virtuo app and pick it up 24/7 at our new station at Park Lane. Want it delivered? Have your Tesla dropped to your front door. Your rental with Virtuo includes free access to a large network of charging stations across the UK including Tesla Superchargers. Enjoy a car-on-demand experience without constraints, economical and ecological.


Your Tesla comes with some cool features, here's what's included with the Tesla Model 3.

382 mile range

382 mile range

Explore ‘til your heart’s content in your electric car

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Free access to the fastest chargers on the market



Enjoy the convenience of Tesla's driver assistance

Join the club

Join the club

Become a member of the exclusive Tesla drivers club

A connected car

A connected car

Netflix, video games, step into a connected car

Download the app

Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the Virtuo app.

How does Virtuo work?

Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the Virtuo app.
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    Complete your account

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