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Add a payment card to my account

Want to update your payment info on Virtuo? It's easy-peasy. Whether you're on our website or app, just go to the profile tab and hit "my cards". Here, you can add new cards or remove the old ones you don't want to use anymore.

If you've got a reservation in place and want to switch up the payment method, just head to the "reservation" tab. Pick the upcoming reservation, then tap on "modify my credit card". We'll process a refund to your previous card and bill the new one.

Just a couple of things to remember:

The deposit and rental amount get charged to the same credit card.
Once your rental's in motion, there's no switching payment methods.
When you rent with Virtuo, the card you use must have your name on it. Using a card that does not bear your name or using someone else's card is not permitted.

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