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Is the Area C limited traffic zone in Milan included in the rental?

If you're steering your Virtuo vehicle through Milan's Area C, be prepared to cover the Limited Traffic Zone charge. It's not just a suggestion; it's mandatory for any voyages within this zone. To familiarize yourself with the specific regions that constitute Area C, take a moment to glance over this detailed map:

For the early risers and late commuters, note that Area C is active from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, Mondays through Fridays. National holidays give you a respite, with the zone not being operational.

Here's the cost breakdown for entry:
• Pay a proactive charge of €5 when settling in advance or within 24 hours post-entry.
• For those who might be a tad delayed, the cost ascends to €15 if paid within the week following the day of entry.

For direct online payments, the official Area C portal is your best bet: Official Area C Payment (https://areac.atm-mi.it/Areac/iweb/Acquisto.aspx). Additional payment methods can be explored here (https://www.comune.milano.it/servizi/area-c-acquisto-ticket-attivazione-ricarica).

Should you opt for our car delivery service with a drop-off location nestled within Area C, Virtuo has you covered for the fee on both the inaugural and concluding days of your rental. However, during any interim days, should you decide to journey through Area C, the responsibility of settling the Limited Traffic Zone fee rests with you.

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