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Congestion charge in London

When you rent a Virtuo from a station situated within the Congestion Charge Zone — such as Waterloo, London Bridge, Liverpool Street, or Farringdon — we've got you covered for the congestion charges on the initial and final day of your rental. However, for the days in-between and Virtuo Delivered, if you navigate through Central London's Congestion Charge Zone, the responsibility to pay the charge lies with you.

Here's what you need to know:
The Congestion Charge applies when you drive within Central London between 7am to 6pm (12pm to 6pm Sat-Sun and bank holidays).
You can settle the Congestion Charge on the Transport for London (TFL) website.
The daily charge is set at £15 if paid either in advance or on the very day of your travel within the zone. Delaying the payment will see an increase, costing you £17.50 per day. Remember, this charge is levied once daily, irrespective of the number of times you enter or exit the zone on that day.

To ensure a smooth experience and to avoid any unexpected fees, always plan your routes in advance and be mindful of the applicable charges.

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