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Conditions to rent with virtuo

Eligibility criteria to rent a Virtuo can differ based on the country. To understand the specific requirements:

Country-Specific Requirements: Kindly consult Appendix 2 of the Terms & Conditions pertaining to your desired country. This will provide information about the minimum age and other country-specific criteria necessary to rent particular vehicles.
Local Norms:
◦ Italy: If you're an Italian resident, a 'Codice Fiscale' will be mandatory.
◦ UK: For those residing in the UK, it's essential to carry out a DVLA check if you hold a UK license. You must ensure you don't exceed 5 points on your DVLA record. Additionally, there are specific offenses we don't permit; for a comprehensive list and more clarity, please go through our T&Cs.

Always make sure to review the Terms and Conditions relevant to your region to ensure a smooth rental experience. If there are any uncertainties, our customer service team is available to assist you.

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