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Car rental, how it should be

We’re happy to offer NHS staff a unique £30 discount on their first car rental with Virtuo. Pick up your Virtuo from one of our 21 UK stations in London, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester or Edinburgh. We don't stop there, you can even have your delivered to your front door in London and Manchester. We are also available in 5 other countries across Europe in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Short trip out the city? Weekend away? Staycation? We got you!

Your NHS discount

When booking just enter the following code to benefit from a special NHS staff discount.


£30 off your first rental

Who are virtuo?

Virtuo is your car, on-demand. Since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to liberate people from traditional car rental and remove the burdens of personal car ownership altogether. We provide an unparalleled car on-demand experience, that makes owning a car in the city completely unnecessary. With the option to pick up a car or have it delivered, users book & unlock their pristine car all through the Virtuo app; no queues, no paperwork, no hassle. You can enjoy the seamless Virtuo experience in 6 different european countries at over 100 different locations. Whether you need a car for 1 day or 90, enjoy all the freedom of driving without the burdens of owning a car on you, our cities, and the planet.

How does it work?

1. Download

Everything at Virtuo is done through our app, simply download and sign up.

2. Book

Pick up your car from one of our 13 locations in London and Manchester or have your car delivered to you in zones 1-3. We’re also available in France and Spain.Don't forget to enter your unique discount code!

3. Unlock

 On the day of your booking open the app, download your key and away you go. 

Why rent with virtuo?

1. No counter queues
2. Professionally managed fleet
3. Guaranteed car model
4. 24/7 customer service
5. Pick up or delivery
6. European insurance