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Refer a friend

Inviting your loved ones to experience Virtuo is straightforward and rewarding! Here's how:

Via Our Website:
Navigate to the banner.
On the banner, select “Refer a friend”.

Via Our App:
Tap on the 'Profile' tab.
Select 'Refer a friend'.

Choose the "Refer £30, win £30" option and voilà! You'll receive a unique link to spread the word – be it through SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any platform you fancy.

When your referral completes their first Virtuo rental, a neat £30 rental credit will make its way to your account. And there's no cap – refer as often as you'd like.

Been Referred?
For those joining us via a referral link, simply sign up through the shared link, and a £30 credit will await you for your initial rental. Dive in and drive on!

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