Rent the BMW X1

Drive the number one family SUV from the Virtuo fleet.




Spacious, comfortable and welcoming, for memories to last a lifetime driving this flagship SUV.

The BMW X1

Functional and reliable, this is an SUV you can trust with your family adventures.

Enjoy the adventure

Sporty and spacious, this SUV is designed to go above and beyond. Undoubtedly the most spacious model in our fleet, boasting a boot that can hold three large suitcases with room left over for a buggy.

Make yourself at home

With welcoming and elegant lines, its interior will leave you impressed. Using the electric controls, you can adjust your seat to match your favorite armchair at home and enjoy the heated seats in winter.

Safety, not gimmicks

With fresh, trouble-free handling, the BMW X1 is a car with its head on its shoulders. Putting safety above gimmicks, you're offered you the latest technological assistance (cruise control and anti-collision system).


Because a photo can say a thousand words, discover more about the X1 through our gallery
Welcome home

Welcome home

Record your preferences for seat position and rear-view mirrors. All you have to do is press a button and they adjust automatically.

Balanced handling

Balanced handling

Enjoy elevated visibility without compromising on vehicle handling.

Sporting exterior

Sporting exterior

Embodies the power and endurance of a true SUV.

A warm interior

A warm interior

Welcomes you to a spacious and comfortable environment.

Comes with a wide range of options.

Comes with a wide range of options.

Rear view camera, GPS navigation system, Apple CarPlay, heated seats and parking sensors.

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Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the Virtuo app.
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