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A spacious, sporty car that combines pleasure and comfort

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Discover the BMW 2 Series


A spacious boot, a dynamic design. Whether for a short adventure or an extended road trip, the BMW 2 Series from virtuo offers the perfect rental experience for you and your loved ones.

Available for all your events

Weddings, family outings, weekends with friends. The BMW Serie 2 is the multifunction minivan

Adapted to any situation

A spacious boot: 470 litres in five-seat configuration and up to 1,455 litres in two-seat configuration.


Feel the agility and responsiveness of the BMW 2 Series with its compact, sharp proportions.

Sporty thrills

From powerful acceleration to flawless handling, the BMW 2 Series turns every drive into a rewarding experience.

Interested in leasing the BMW Serie 2?

Renting and driving this model is the Virtuo guarantee. For a day, a weekend, a month or more, book the BMW Serie 2 and its generous mileage package. With our app and website, rental, delivery and unlocking are easier than ever.

Enjoy total flexibility

Forget traditional leasing offers. Our flexible leasing offer is at your disposal and allows you to lease the BMW Serie 2 for as long as you like, renewing every 90 days from the app or our website.

For the city and beyond

Hire the BMW Serie 2 today and take it from the city to the mountains or the beach! Our cars are insured throughout Europe and can take you anywhere.


Why choose the BMW 2 Series?

A heritage of trust

A heritage of trust

Renowned for its reliability and robustness in the automotive industry.

Elegance and distinction

Elegance and distinction

Stand out from the crowd with the distinguished sporty lines that make the BMW 2 Series a unique choice among MPVs.

Intelligent driving experience

Intelligent driving experience

Equipped with BMW Live Cockpit, Park Assist and Apple CarPlay for a seamlessly connected journey.

M Sport elegance

M Sport elegance

Enhanced performance meets sophisticated design with DirectDrive suspension and M aerodynamic kit.

Space and style

Space and style

470 litres of boot space in five-seat configuration and up to 1,455 litres in two-seat configuration.

Car model specifications

Here is a table displaying the main key features of the BMW 2 Series or similar you can rent with Virtuo.
Car characteristicsValue
Car body typeCompact
Transmission typeAutomatic
Seats count5
Doors count5
Luggage capacity4
Backup cameraYes
Prices fromFrom $45 / day

Download the app

Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the virtuo app.



How does virtuo work?

Enjoy hassle free rental by booking, locating and unlocking your car with the virtuo app.
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Complete your account

Complete your account

All we need is your driver's license and a selfie. The whole process will take a few minutes and you'll never have to do it again!



Once you have decided on your preferred model, you can choose the best insurance coverage and personalized options that suit your needs.



As you get closer to your car, your virtual key will appear in the app and allow you to open your car by tapping on the unlock button!

Damage report

Damage report

Quickly access the existing damage on the car through the app and report any additional damage