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The Coupé SUV designed to express a new synergy between sportiness and design

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CUPRA Formentor


CUPRA Formentor is a car designed and engineered to combine refinement, innovation and sportiness. The authenticity, dynamism and ability to excite inherent in the driving experience of the CUPRA Formentor prove that you can find alternative routes and new perspectives to face life, and live it to the full, in a different way. Rent this unique coupé SUV on virtuo.

CUPRA Formentor

Contemporary vision of sportiness and design

Contemporary style

The dimensions of the CUPRA Formentor are those of a mid-size SUV and the bodywork has been developed to provide passengers with class-leading space. Its sculpted lines enhance the character of a car with attention to every detail to redefine contemporary and sporty looks. Rent this beautifully finished car on Virtuo.

Unmistakable character

The CUPRA Formentor is the perfect synthesis of technology, power and cutting-edge design. Its personality emerges from the bodywork: a perfect harmony between the sculpted lines of the rear, which combine with the continuous coast-to-coast LED light, and the robust front, where the CUPRA badge stands out in total symmetry.

Cutting-edge design

The high-end interior and the attention to detail convey all the personality that characterises the CUPRA Formentor. The dashboard appears to be suspended, an impression accentuated by the wraparound full-LED ambient lighting at the front of the cabin and on the doors. The Smart Wraparound interior lighting, with its colour combinations and integrated driver assistance functions, completes a distinctive and sporty interior ambience.

Want to rent a CUPRA Formentor?

Rent it with Virtuo and you will always get the vehicle you booked, we guarantee it! Rent this coupe SUV for a day, a weekend, a month or more and take advantage of our generous included mileage. With our app and website, rental, cancellation and delivery are super fast and flexible.

Drive-in freedom

Our flexible rental allows you to rent the CUPRA Formentor for as long as you want, from one day up to a maximum of 90. And should you need it for longer, at the end of this period, you can rebook the vehicle from the Virtuo app or website.

Enjoy the journey

Rent the CUPRA Formentor today and drive it wherever you want! Our cars are insured throughout Europe and can take you anywhere.

Why rent a CUPRA Formentor?

Let the pictures answer that

Unique in every detail

Unique in every detail

Refined finishes

Refined finishes

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

High performance

High performance

Safety and driving comfort

Safety and driving comfort

Especificacions del model de cotxe

Una llista de les principals característiques clau per al CUPRA Formentor que podeu llogar amb Virtuo.
Característiques del cotxeValor
Tipus de carrosseriaSUV
Tipus de transmissióAutomàtica
Nombre de seients5
Nombre de portes5
Capacitat del maleter5
Càmera posterior
Preus des deDes de 33 € / dia
Nombre de ciutats disponibles3
Nombre d'estacions disponibles10

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