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The 6th generation Polo, a classic revisited

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Polo o similar

The New VW Polo


Compact or comfort? With the new Polo, there's no need to decide. The Polo boasts a spacious and bright interior that makes you feel like you're on holiday wherever you are.

The Polo is here to impress

A compact car with a lot of power


The interior has been redesigned down to the last detail. It boasts more space and a new in-car entertainment and navigation system.


The Polo is a no-fuss car that is guaranteed to surprise you. The latest Volkswagen Polo is comfortable and ready to take on anything.


The first compact car in the Virtuo fleet offers unbeatable value for money. Enjoy the premium experience for a not so premium price.

Want to rent the Volkswagen Polo?

At Virtuo, we guarantee the model you choose! You can rent the new Volkswagen Polo for a day, a weekend, a month or more. This compact car is guaranteed to surprise you. Book today and enjoy the best price on the market, without any of the usual hassles.

Where can I rent this model?

In the UK, this car is available to rent in London and Manchester. Either, pick it up from one of our 24/7 stations, or have it delivered to your door. Thanks to our innovative technology all you need to pick up your car is your phone and the Virtuo app. There's no need for car rental counters, queues or paperwork; this is car rental on your terms

Interested in a long-term Volkswagen lease?

You can lease one of our new Volkswagen Polo cars for up to 90 days. Our flexible leasing offer is an excellent alternative to a leasing contract if you do not wish to make a purchase. Once this period is over, you can re-book the same vehicle directly from the Virtuo app.

From your first Polo to your first virtuo?

Since 1975, the Volkswagen Polo has been a household name. Its robustness has made it the first car for many drivers. The 6th generation Polo has landed at Virtuo, could it be your first car on-demand?


A picture is worth a thousand words:

New look

New look

A sporty and stylish design



Perfect for journeys in or out the city



Sporty, dynamic, and guaranteed to excite



For a relaxed driving experience

Especificacions del model de cotxe

Una llista de les principals característiques clau per al Volkswagen Polo o similar que podeu llogar amb Virtuo.
Característiques del cotxeValor
Tipus de carrosseriaCompacte
Tipus de transmissióAutomàtica
Nombre de seients5
Nombre de portes5
Capacitat del maleter3
Càmera posterior
Preus des deDes de 32 € / dia
Nombre de ciutats disponibles2
Nombre d'estacions disponibles8

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virtuo, com funciona?

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Completa el teu compte

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Obre el teu cotxe

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Realitza l'informe de danys

Realitza l'informe de danys

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