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Fiat 500X


Iconic look and off-roaders grit, discover our new compact SUV.

Fiat 500X, a first-in-class compact-SUV

A true leader, the Italian icon with a modern twist

Vintage look

Its iconic look takes on the inimitable features of the 500 family, a style to show-off in town without hesitation. Its compact build, sleek design and modern twist has already conquered the European TOP 5.

Built for adventure

Equipped as an off-roader, its raised-up build will allow you to navigate comfortably through any type of road. With plenty of room, this car is definitely the right one for your next adventure.


Its state-of-the-art connectivity, Uconnect 7’’, gives you access to GPS navigation and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.


Because a photo can say a thousand words, discover more about the 500X through our gallery

A vintage look with a modern twist

A vintage look with a modern twist

This perfect balances shows in every detail, from its iconic dashboard to its latest touch screen.

From city-lover to off-roader

From city-lover to off-roader

Versatile, this model is perfect for a drive around town but can also endure the country-side.

Compact but powerful

Compact but powerful

Don’t let yourself be fooled by its sleek design, behind it you get an off-roaders grit.

Connectivity and Assistance

Connectivity and Assistance

GPS navigation system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, parking sensors and rear camera.

New generation engine

New generation engine

20% less fuel than conventional petrol engines, 20% quieter too.

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